Why Bibs?

Why Bibs?

Well! A picture is worth a thousand words.

Books teach you  how to do it all breezily and with a smile on your face, but  the real deal is a bit different. Bibs help you from a load of wash,each time your baby have a meal. You end up washing the bib rather than the whole dress of the baby. 

Bibs aren’t only about protecting the clothes – they also protect your baby’s skin. If your baby regularly gets his shirt soaking wet with drool or spit up and you don’t change him into a dry shirt, he can get an irritated rash on his chest where the wet clothes were

So, which bib is appropriate for your baby? There are very many different types available in the market.

1. Feeding Bibs

Feeding bibs are quite large to protect as much of your infants clothes from food as possible. And, they usually come with a pocket to catch any food that falls from your baby’s mouth, saving a mess on the floor. They could be made  of different material ;namely silicone,pvc or even cotton. Silicone or PVC bibs allow an easy wipe down and wash.

2.Drool Bibs

Drool bibs are designed to prevent small amounts of baby drool from sliding down  in and soaking into her  clothes. There are different styles available. But,now a days , the in thing is Bandana bibs;Ofcourse because they are cute but functional as well.

Drool bibs also come with teethers keeping your baby busy, when they want something to chew on.

3.Smock Bibs

Much bigger ones are SmocksIt covers the arms and majority of the body, making it incredibly difficult for a baby to become covered in food. They can also double as a smock for arts and crafts time. The difference between a smock and long sleeved baby bib is an open back, allowing you to easily remove a messy bib from your baby without spilling it everywhere.


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