Christmas is a time for traditions. Traditions always make the holidays seem more special.Most often they are fun ones too. Like the one in Slovakia , Christmas Dinner starts in the tub for the kids there .Make for a good read.May be you can start that tradition at your house too. It is fun anyway.Find more about that here . 

I wanted to talk about  some best dresses to dress up your babies and toddlers for that memorable Christmas of theirs. Find them here at Seazide.

1. Christmas Rhomper Suit

2.Sweater Rhomper with hearts


3. Red Ruffle Dress

4.Knit Polka Dot Dress

5. Red Vest. Idea to pair up with any favorite frock of your little girl.

Make the occasion merrier with that fun Saran ball party game by Awesome Jelly.Let me know how it all went via comments in this blog post .Also,post  your little one's  pictures in their best Christmas dress in our facebook page @seazide .