Our Story

Shopping clothes for your little ones is no mean feat.  Being a mother, Anna, founder of Seazide Shop understands this well. Your clothing battles begin right when your baby is born. Dressing up your little one when you are tired all the time is no child’s play. This becomes a real struggle when the baby starts to wiggle and won't stay in its place. And, then follows the seemingly never-ending battle with your toddler who wants his/her choice of clothes and accessories every time. 

Our Commitment :

We love to take this big weight of clothing battle off your shoulders and let you breathe easy. We provide you clothes and accessories that you and your kids will love. Comfortable.. no more itchy dress complaints. Easy to change.. Let’s face it; kids are a walking mess. Stepping out with your kid for shopping?  Oh.. yeah. We all know how that begins and how it  will end . Sitting in the comfort of your home and shopping for your kids clothes, knowing full well that the quality part is taken care of is another battle that we win for you parents.  Also, returns with no questions asked. All being affordable at the same time. That is a just a lot of checklists checked altogether.

At Seazide little things matter. Seazide Shop, one stop shop for all your baby and kids’ clothing and accessories. We care for you. We care for your little ones.