Why having friends is important for a New Mom.

Why having friends is important for a New Mom.

New moms !! It is common to feel socially isolated after having a baby. They say it takes a village to raise a child, but it also takes a village to truly nurture and sustain a new mother. New mothers need friends for many reasons, one of which is the shared experience of being new parents.

The mom-group is a phenomenon that has been rising in recent years. It allows new moms to have time with other people while their children are playing together. They can also talk about the challenges of motherhood, discuss solutions to problems, and share (or receive) advice. With common problems at hand it usually is an instant bond between moms. 

Friends allow them to have time away from the stresses of parenting and being reminded that it's not just them who is going through this difficult process. Friends allow us to bounce around ideas, vent, brag to and laugh. The key, it seems, is that friends make you feel like you're not alone. Overall, the mom-group can be a place where moms go to feel accepted and talk about their troubles. It's nice to be with people who get it . 

 It can be difficult for new moms to make friends because they are often too busy or tired to socialize. But, there is no other go but to get yourself out when you are a new mom . Find local mom groups from facebook . May be get some playdates during your baby's naptime . As they become toddlers , this will be one big weight taken off our shoulders ;babies, they tend to attract everyone around them. Before you know it, you will be known around the block as your baby's mom if you happen to take a stroll around your block a little too often. And, you will be chatting with complete strangers and making friends with them.

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