9 Indoor activities for kids

9 Indoor activities for kids

Stormy weather doesn't have to stop the fun. Even if your outdoor plans have been canceled, you can still find plenty of fun rainy day activities to do at home with kids. Here are some  inspirations for you .

Create an At-Home Restaurant Menu

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Combine meal prep with a fun activity for the kids. Start by asking your kids to help you open up your very own at-home restaurant. Get them involved in planning what meals they want to eat for the days or week ahead and then have them come up with a creative name for the restaurant and each dish on the menu. Finally, put those ideas down on paper (or a chalkboard), adding fun designs or food illustrations. Bonus points if you can get the kids to help out with the kitchen operations, too.
Go Camping Indoors..

Make them comfy with plenty of airbeds, pillows, and sleeping bags, then follow through with an indoor picnic to be eaten "under canvas

Easy Literary Events:

One-word story: Starting with "Once upon a time," go around the room and have each person add a single word to the story. Tip: Decide on a genre in advance―fairy tale, ghost story, etc.―and go from there.

Improvised poetry: One person says a line of poetry, and the next must say a line that rhymes with it, and so on. Let kids say the first line; it's up to you to find the rhyme.

Yes, and…monster! Invent an imaginary monster, with each person adding a new characteristic to the first person's monster description. Every new idea has to start with an enthusiastic, "Yes, and…" and build on what has already been described.

 Bonus for parents : No effort involved , just sit and  be involved.

One of the most classic things to do on a rainy day at home with kids is to throw a tea party. Dress up in fancy duds, set the table with the good china, and put on your most formal manners (remember, extend your pinkie and sip politely). On the menu: tea (for you), juice or cocoa (for your children), and easy egg or chicken salad tea sandwitches in fun shapes, courtesy of cookie cutters. Let your kids decide the guest list-and which of their favorite dolls or furry friends are on it.

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