Free Fall Activities for Kids

Free Fall Activities for Kids

When the weather finally starts to cool down and the leaves start to change colors, that means you've made it to the best season of the year. Just because of the  endless amount of cozy fall activities you can do together with your family for little to no money.

As they say ,best memories cannot be bought with money. So, go ahead and make memories for free.

1. Light up a Bonfire

Having a bonfire is a sure fire way to have fun with kids. Cook hot dogs  or roast marshmallows on a cool autumn day, while sharing ghost stories. That is double the fun.

2. Fly a kite

Use the brisk, fall wind to your advantage and take the kids out to an open field or local park to fly kites.So, then, Let's go fly a kite, up to the highest height.. let's go fly a kite .. and send it soaring

3. Collect Pine Cones and do Pine cone crafts

Collect these natural beauties.Create a pretty fall centerpiece for holiday dinners or turn them into a colorful home accessory with little felt and wooden ball.

4. Rake Leaves

This is a win win for everyone. This simple task is a great way to have some outdoor fun with your kids while you get your yard clean. Plus  a dog who loves to play in the heap and there, you have a winning combo. 

5. Go pick Apples

Make sure that you don't miss this seasonal fun activity. Go pick Apples; sometimes Peaches and Pears too.Looking for a beautiful orchard or the best apples in your region? Check out this list of the best apple-picking spots around the country.

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