Baby Crib Organizer


This Baby Crib Hanging Storage Bag makes it easy to keep all baby supplies within reach. This hanging storage bag offers a spacious interior and multiple pockets for organizing items. Durably constructed with strong zippers, it fits standard-sized cribs and provides long-term use. 

3in1 detachable : This set may be divided into three sections, all three units zip together or can be hung separately


Insulated Pockets:Keep beverages at desirable temperature 


Quality Build :Made of reinforced polyester fabric and filled inside with a pearl sponge that is abrasion resistant and lightweight. Easy to clean and wash: Remove the PP Plate and wash it directly.

Can be installed in 2 ways: 3 cm bed edge can be hanged directly with hook; If it is a thick bed, wrap the edge of the bed with the belt and connect it with the strong Velcro strap